Seminar Presentations

Listed below are some of Doris Young Boyer's most popular seminar topics:

Crafting and Delivering Critical Conversations to Resolve Conflict

We can't avoid conflict, but we can learn to use it in a positive and productive way. This seminar focuses on how to remove the negativity from disagreement and confrontation and capture its energy to forge new alliances.

Topics include: handling team conflict; communication tips that make the difference in specific situations; understand question thinking; taking the high road; saying no without being negative; giving and receiving criticism.

Workplace Dynamics for Leaders: Developing a Productive and Respectful Work Environment

This seminar is designed to give participants strategies for surviving and thriving in today's fast paced workplace. Participants will receive an overview of the universal rules of business behavior and the skills and knowledge to address most business situations.

Topics include: six basic principles of business etiquette; effective communication; relationships at work; workplace behavior/company policies; jokes/gossip; cell phones/e-mail/fax; business dress and casual Friday; the art of shaking hands; racial and gender boundaries; the business breakfast, lunch, or dinner; company social occasions; correspondence; cubicle etiquette and creating an appropriate office.

Outclass the Competition: Business Etiquette and Protocol

This dynamic seminar focuses on the ultimate business tool: protocol and etiquette intelligence. While etiquette alone is not enough, it will give you the extra edge that will make the difference between you and another person who is just as smart.

Topics include: how to make an entrance and work the room; shaking hands: the ultimate business greeting; introducing yourself and others; eye contact; body language; remembering names; business meeting protocol; business card protocol; handling tough questions; giving gifts; thank you notes; electronic communications.

Poised at the Plate: Mastering the Art of the Business Meal

Meetings are increasingly conducted over meals and sometimes your behavior at the table will make or break a deal.

Topics include: place settings; styles of eating; silverware savvy; host, hostess, or guest of honor duties; toasting; napkins; silent service code; body language at the table; table conversation; seating etiquette; American and Continental styles of eating; a dining tutorial; receiving line; dining do's and don'ts; handling accidents.

Global Strategies: Succeeding in the International Arena

We are in an increasingly global world, which requires that we understand the customs of our business partners.

Topics include: pre-meeting strategies; impact of first impressions; appropriate business attire and accessories; rank and status; business card protocol; business customs; eye contact in other countries; world class handshakes; offensive gestures; body language; global conversation skills; perceptions and misperceptions; gift giving protocol; business introductions; strategic dos and don'ts.

Innovative Team Problem Solving

This seminar is focused on intact teams or cross-functional teams. The goal is to facilitate focused collaboration between team members.

Participants are taught creative thought processes and decision making techniques that can be applied to many issues and situations, from developing a strategic plan or developing a marketing plan to addressing issues that keep a team from moving forward.